3 Day Pass-

These are valid to new clients considering membership only.  Your 3 day pass is valid for 1 week after you take your first class.  Multiple classes may be taken within the day, not to exceed 3 days within that 7 day period


Loaner gear-

BJJ gis and boxing gloves are available for new trial clients only.  Once the 3 day pass expires, you must bring your own gear to each class.  BJJ gis are available custom ordered and are $100. Black, blue and white are available.  Size chart is at the front desk. We sell gloves and hand wraps at the front desk.  Adult classes require 12oz gloves or higher.



We do not charge initiation fees.  Your first month of membership is due at the time of sign up.  We do not offer refunds.  All memberships out of contract require a 30 day notice to cancel.  Please email MyMembership@FightAcademyPasadena.com


Gym Etiquette-

Shoes are not allowed on the mats.  Please wear shoes off of the mats at all times.  Please arrive on time to class with all of your gear.  Please wait until the prior class has fully exited the mats before entering into class.  



All grappling and MMA classes for kids and adults require you to come fully covered in a long sleeve rashguard and spats (compression leggings/tights).  Shorts may be worn over spats. If you are not fully covered you will not be allowed in class. Strength and conditioning classes require sneakers. No outside gym attire allowed.



BJJ- gi must be worn (no competing gym patches allowed)

Boxing- gloves/handwraps/mouthpiece (headgear for sparring)

Kickboxing-gloves/handwraps/shin guards/mouthpiece (headgear for sparring)

No Gi Grappling- mouthpiece

MMA- MMA gloves, mouthpiece



We are closed the entire weekend for Memorial and Labor Day.  We are also closed on 4th of July, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.


Advanced Sparring-

Saturday morning advanced sparring is open to advanced students and all actively competing amateur and professional fighters.  Other Fight Academy Pasadena students must be of the advanced level and have Coach Savant’s expressed permission.



90 minute free parking is available in the Delacey and Schoolhouse parking structures.  Each is across the street from the gym off of Delacey to the west and Fair Oaks to the east.



Our address is 36 W Fair Oaks Ave., B1 however our entrance is off of Mills Place Alley.  We are located in the former Jake’s Billiards facility in the basement of the building. There are glass, double doors at our entrance between The Dog Bakery and Cafe 86.  We are directly across Edwin Mills Restaurant, and just north of Burke Williams Spa and Spinfish Poke House.


Our schedule is subject to change due to class attendance and changes in staff

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