No Gi (often times referred to as submission wrestling) is a vital aspect of MMA as most fights often end up in close quarters and/or on the ground. In this practical application/combative class, students learn the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu without wearing a traditional Gi Uniform. Without the grips and submissions that the Gi provides, this Martial Art tends to be faster paced and more dynamic. Classes begin with the standard rounds of jump rope and include conditioning drills. After the cardio aspect of the class is complete, the instruction begins. The instructor will demonstrate a few techniques step by step explaining the application and outlining key points. Once the technique has been explained, the students will then partner drill to apply the technique while the instructor observes the class and provides helpful tips and advice. This is a co-ed class and close contact work is done in a controlled, and respectful environment. We teach techniques ideal for self-defense and/or athletic competition.


  • Mouthpiece
  • Non-Baggy Clothing
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