Adult Program


At Fight Academy you can be a professional athlete, an MMA fan or just want to drop a couple pounds and learn something valuable at the same time. We train all levels of athletes. Make no mistake, this is the real deal and the training is tough but with tough training comes great rewards. These include improvements in physical condition, self confidence and mental health.

When you train at Fight Academy you leave your ego and all the problems of the day at the door. Our members are like family and we all train hard together and push each other. You’re here; your sweating; and that is a guarantee.

Breakdown of a typical 1 hour Fight Academy class:

Time Activity
5-10 minutes Warmup – Jogging, Stretching, Muscle Memory
20-25 minutes Detailed Technique with partner, low resistance
30-40 minutes Free Training, timed rounds, alternate training partners

Youth Program


We believe the kids who know how to fight never need to prove it.  Confidence and humility are cornerstones on which we build the character of those who train at Fight Academy Pasadena.

Our kid’s program include classes to introduce the student to the concepts and techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, No Gi Grappling, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts.  The classes are integrated with beginning and advanced students. Each class will have 2 coaches to work with the different skill levels. All of the classes involve a warm up, technique, practical application and a warm down.  All techniques taught will involve live drilling to perfect the concept.

We have had success with kids who have been bullied, lack self confidence and friendships.  We have helped to build the individuals to be confident, athletic and humble. Likewise, kids that have innate athletic ability excel and demonstrate leadership.

Our kid’s program is available beginning at age 5.  An evaluation is needed for special consideration for those under age 5.  Please contact the gym for further information

Fight Team


For athlete’s ready to take on the world of competition, Fight Academy is a great place to start. We have current instructors who compete on the pro-fessional level in MMA. We have taken athletes with no fight experience to compete in amateur and professional MMA and Kickboxing events. Wheth-er you are looking to compete locally, or gain momentum and fight in shows across the US and internationally, we have coaches who can get you to the next level.

It is not uncommon for Fight Academy to host visiting fighters in MMA and Kickboxing from other states or from other countries to train with our coaching staff. We offer unparalleled experience and expertise. Fight Academy also hosts CA state sanctioned amateur MMA shows that give our amateur athletes a platform to display their skills.

All members on our exclusive Fight Team have tailored strength and conditioning plans in addition to fight training. This service is provided by Fight Academy

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