Kid’s Program (5-13 years of age)

We believe the kids that train in martial arts gain confidence and humility.

Our kid’s program includes classes to introduce the student to the concepts and techniques of No Gi Grappling,
Kickboxing, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Each class will have 2 coaches to work with the different skill levels. All of the classes involve a warm up, technique, practical application and a warm down. All techniques taught will involve live
drilling to perfect the concept.

We have had success with kids who have been bullied, lack self confidence and friendships.

We have helped to build the individuals to be confident, athletic and humble. Likewise, kids that have innate athletic ability excel and
demonstrate leadership.

Membership and pricing

Our kids membership is $200 a month. We offer a beginning and advanced program that meets 3 times per week. We
do not offer a drop in rate for kids. The expectation is that they attend all 3 classes weekly. Please contact the facility
for availability as our program is consistently near capacity.


Our kids program is available beginning at age 5 with instructor approval. Please contact our facility to set up a time for
evaluation (during kid class times only)
Fight Academy Pasadena tshirts must be worn to all classes. Competitions require Fight Academy Pasadena uniforms.
Family discounts are available

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