Our Boxing class will focus on various combinations, footwork, defensive drills and application of punching techniques.
Occasionally the coach will also hold mitts for the students. This is an action packed class with mostly partner drilling.
Due to the size of the class, no one will be admitted late.
Required gear-Boxing gloves, hand wraps, mouthpiece. Optional Headgear


Our kickboxing program offers many different choices. With over 15 kickboxing classes a week, you are sure to find a
class for you. Our classes focus on perfecting technique as it pertains to real world fighting application. Our kickboxing
program is a hybrid between Dutch and Muay Thai styles that creates a fast paced, technical training environment.
Required gear-Boxing gloves, hand wraps, shin guards, mouthpiece. Optional Headgear


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the world’s most effective and requested self-defense methods. Our BJJ program is a fully
belted program taught by experienced coaches. In this combative fighting art, students leverage the use of the gi to
perform submissions and chokeholds. Students will also learn the techniques of positioning and sweeps. The class will
provide you with a deep core strength workout. It is a co-ed class and close contact work is done, but always in a
controlled environment. Many of our students have gained enough knowledge and training to begin competing at BJJ
tournaments. Required gear- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi


No Gi (often referred to as submission wrestling) is a vital aspect of MMA as most fights often end up on the ground. In
this practical application/combative class, students learn the art of Jiu Jitsu without wearing a traditional kimono.
Without the grips and submissions that the gi provides, no-gi tends to be faster paced and more dynamic. Classes
begin conditioning drills. After the cardio aspect of the class is complete, the instruction begins. The instructor will
demonstrate and teach a technique of the day. The students will then partner drill to apply the submission, takedown, or
technique. This is a co-ed class and close contact work is done, but always in a controlled environment. Techniques
taught in this class work equally well for self-defense or sport. Required gear- mouthpiece, long sleeved rashguard,

MMA– experience required, not for beginners
Our MMA classes are available to students who have an grasp of both ground and stand up fighting disciplines.
Coaches approval is required before advancing to this discipline. Students will learn the techniques of an MMA fighter:
how to apply the fundamentals of striking, submission grappling, and how to transition between each style. Classes
begin with conditioning drills. This is a co-ed, full contact class in a controlled environment. MMA can be taken as a
stand-alone class, however maximum skill will be achieved if taken in conjunction with Kickboxing and No Gi. Come
take part in the world’s fastest growing sport!
Required gear- MMA gloves, mouthpiece, long sleeved rashguard, spats

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